Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services

Our veterinary hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services to fully support your pet’s health.

Diagnostic Services:

  • Radiology – We perform x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and other imaging to visualize abnormalities and make informed diagnoses.
  • Lab Testing – Our in-house laboratory allows us to rapidly run blood, urine, and fecal tests to uncover issues.
  • Endoscopy – We use specialized scopes with cameras to see inside the body and take biopsies for analysis.
  • Allergy Testing – Both skin and blood allergy tests help us determine your pet’s triggers for itchiness and develop treatment plans.

Therapeutic Services:

  • Pharmacy – We carry a broad selection of prescription medications to effectively treat a variety of conditions. Check out our online pharmacy for more info.  
  • Laser Therapy – Our laser equipment provides targeted, drug-free pain relief and expedited healing.
  • Surgery – Our surgeons perform orthopedic, soft tissue, dental, and other surgeries on-site to correct underlying problems.
  • Rehabilitation – Services like therapeutic exercise, massage, and hydrotherapy help pets recover mobility and strength after injury or surgery.

Our skilled veterinary team draws on all available tools to fully assess your pet’s health and craft customized treatment plans for the best possible well-being. Let us know how we can support your pet’s unique diagnostic and treatment needs.