This clinic is the best place that I have used for last 20 years. They love their patients, they take care their patients and know evey patient by their name. Here I take my own 2 dogs and my daughters 2 dogs as well. Before my pet is diagnosed it is very well screened and tested only what is a must, never tested just to make a buck. I respect that very much, pets health first. I also used boarding for 8 consecutive days for my daughter’s pets. They have been very well taken care of. Staff even sent me pictures of them in the play room. Also the boys did not eat much the first days, the attendant did tell me, which makes me respect them very much because it means they really care much about their temporary tenants, Dogs were shampooed and pedicures before they left. They even told me how many times they take them out. THEY ARE THE BEST.

– Anna V.