I have been going to the veterinarians at Hudson Veterinary Hospital since I moved to Ossining in 2014. At first they cared for my cats, then cat and puppy, and now one cat and two dogs. The vets have been invariably informative, kind, and gracious with their time. Both my dogs are enrolled in the annual “package” which covers their basic vet costs for a year and has some discounts built in, which is nice because for basic maintenance care I pay once and then can go as many times as I need throughout the year. My cat is older and so I pay as I go for her, and besides she’s less likely to need to go to the vet because she decided to eat a washcloth (true example. Puppy was fine.)

I also board my dogs when needed there, and I elect to have them do 1/2 day group doggy play while they are there. This helps keep them socialized and it’s like a little vacation for them as well. I feel better knowing they are not in a cage all day, and they get lots of walks. There is someone on staff there 24/7.

I consider them a trusted partner in my animals’ care and would recommend them to anyone. My outgoing social dog thinks everyone at Hudson is her personal friend. The more shy one is into the free treats.

– Kelly T.