Happy Older Cat

I boarded my older cat, Henry, here when I went away for a week. When I picked him up, he was well-groomed, he was well-fed, and he was seemingly content! [...]

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Kind Group of Professionals

We've been taking all of our pets to HVVH for years. (Soon to be 2 dogs and 3 cats). This kind group of professionals are the best! Their recent addition [...]

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Groomer Did a Beautiful Job

The staff is very friendly and caring.They did a beautiful job with my dog's grooming. Would definitely recommend them. - Diane B.

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James Did a Great Job

James, as always, did a great job with Clancy. He trimmed my pet cockatiel's wings and nails. - Terrence OD.

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Michelle is Amazing

Michelle is amazing. Gentle, sweet, and thorough. Bella looks beautiful! - Nicole S.

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Michelle- Groomer Extraordinaire

Always a positive experience for my standard poodle when she gets groomed. A special thanks to Michelle- Groomer Extraordinaire"! - Allyson B.

Michelle- Groomer Extraordinaire2019-06-05T13:25:32+00:00

Awesome Grooming

Awesome Grooming for Bentley. Michele and the staff work hard to make it a good experience and he always looks true to his breed. - Martha W. [...]

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Excellent Spa

Excellent spa for my dog Maggie.She was happy and clean when she came home. Great communication as well. - Thomas S.

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