Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Has your pet suffered an injury, undergone surgery, or has mobility issues related to aging or medical conditions? Our rehabilitation services can help them recover strength, function, and quality of life.

We offer customized therapeutic programs that may include:

  • Targeted exercises to rebuild muscle, improve balance/coordination, and increase range of motion. Exercises are tailored to your pet’s needs and fitness level.
  • Laser therapy reduces inflammation and joint pain, heal damaged tissue, and stimulate cell repair.
  • Massage therapy increases circulation, flexibility, and range of motion while lowering pain and stiffness. 
  • Electrical stimulation to contract muscles, preventing atrophy during immobility while also decreasing swelling.
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to relieve pain, support healing, and encourage healthy cell function.
  • Custom orthotics, mobility harnesses, braces, and carts to improve confidence and independence.

Rehabilitation can benefit pets recovering from:

  • Surgery (cranial cruciate repair, hip surgery, etc.)
  • Neurological conditions 
  • Muscle/tendon injuries
  • Arthritis 

We design therapy plans around your pet’s needs and capabilities, maximizing their comfort and recovery. 

Ask us how rehabilitation services can help your pet.