Dog in Spa
Brushing Cat

At Hudson Veterinary Hospital Pet Resort and Spa we believe that a clean pet is a happier, healthier, and more outgoing pet. Our experienced groomer are specifically trained to handle all dogs of all breeds, hair styles, and sizes. We know how to make your 4-legged friend “best in show!”

We offer many services, from our simple “bath and brush” which includes brushing and a soothing bath with our specialized shampoos, to a full groom with complex grooming styles!

Included with every groom is a “pedicure,” ear cleaning, anal gland expression, brushing, de-matting, high-quality shampoo & conditioning, air drying by hand, and a personalized hair cut style that is sure to satisfy your needs!

Complete pet health is our goal. Grooming on a regular basis is essential to keep your pets skin and coat healthy. Bathing and blow-drying allow us to look at the skin and with regular grooming watch for the appearance and changes in any growths and moles that may be present. Keeping debris out of dogs’ ears helps to prevent ear irritation and infection. Consistent anal gland expression decreases the risk of impaction and infection. Short, smooth nails prevent floor scratching as well as improved and stable mobility. These are a few of the many benefits of having a well-groomed pet.

Difficult dogs? Specialized needs? Seniors? 1st groom? Look no further! Our groomer is specially trained to handle your canine and feline friends with expert care and attention tailored to fit each companion’s individual needs. She is a long time groomer with years of all breed experience. We work carefully, and never rush to make sure your friend feels safe and calm and comes home feeling and looking good!

Let us answer all your questions and put your concerns to rest.

Call today to request your personalized grooming appointment!