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PetsMatter Newsletter September/October, 2012

PetsMatter Newsletter September/October, 2012
Open Wide, Fido and Tabby!

Earlier this year, Matt Jackson noticed that Henry, his 6-year- old beagle, had been having “unusually stinky” breath for several weeks. So when the Long Beach, Calif., resident took Henry to his annual checkup with his veterinarian, he mentioned the bad breath.

Bad breath was a sign of an acute problem in Henry’s case, but it can also be an indicator of more progressive dental issues, like periodontal disease (and its initial stage, gingivitis) in dogs and cats, and should not be taken lightly.

When Cats Come Calling-How to Handle Feral Felines

Felines have a way of knowing, it seems, which house might have a friendly adult inside, which one might have a child old enough to be gentle with his affection, which one might offer food, which one won’t shoo it away.

But even animal lovers with kind hearts might be unsure what’s best for the cat. What is the right thing to do when a stray feline shows up? Set out a dish of your pet’s food? Call Animal Control? Bring it inside and hope it sleeps next to you?

Control Is Key to Safe Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle for Your Cat

My friend Sherry called in tears. Her cat had not come home. I was confused. Where had he been? She explained that she had been letting him outside each night for months to “be a cat.” He would always return each morning.

But one morning he wasn’t there.

The Truth About Rabies

Rabies! It’s a potent word that demands an exclamation mark.

Our reactions are primal, colored by myths, modern movies and novels such as “Rage,” “Cujo,” “Old Yeller” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.” You may have heard the popular warning: Beware of bats or raccoons in the daytime. They carry rabies!

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Pets

Physical rehabilitation for pets is the use of therapeutic exercises and range-of- motion therapy combined with additional treatments to improve the recovery of patients with acute or chronic health conditions. Physical therapy may be recommended for pets recovering from fractures, orthopedic surgery (including cranial cruciate ligament repair, total hip replacement or spinal surgery) and neurologic events (such as spinal injury).

Recognizing Valued Members of the Veterinary Health Care Team

In the United States and Canada, veterinary technicians and animal health technologists are being recognized the week of October 14—20, 2012, as important members of the animal health care team. These dedicated individuals work in veterinary medicine throughout both countries, and are extremely important to providing high-quality patient care.