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PetsMatter Newsletter Sept-Oct, 2010

PetsMatter Newsletter Sept-Oct, 2010
Signs of an Animal Hoarder

Animal hoarders can be overwhelmed caregivers, rescuers or sociopaths. Go inside their minds and learn what to do if you suspect hoarding.

Just how long Barbara Onderdonk had been hoarding Shetland sheepdogs is unknown. What is known is that she stored dogs like throwaway clothing in her garage in Buncombe County, N.C., and that ultimately, it was someone from her local animal hospital who turned her in.

Improve Your Chances of Finding Your Lost Pet

We have all seen those flyers around our neighborhoods before. Big bold letters cry “LOST PET” followed by a photo and details about Fluffy, and a phone number to call if the animal is found.

According to the American Humane Association, only about 17% of lost dogs and 2% of cats ever find their way back from shelters to their original owners. Close to 9.6 million pets are euthanized every year because their owners can’t be found. But, there are ways to beat these odds.

Train Your Pet to Love Nail Trims

You have finally mustered the nerve to carry out the task you’ve been dreading all week. Nail clippers in hand, you hunt for Fido throughout the house. “I got him. He’s over here,” shouts your spouse. The two of you conspire to hold the struggling Cocker Spaniel down to give him a toenail trim, but after just seconds, you both give up.

Commit to Your Pet’s Health During National Pet Wellness Month

More than likely you visit the doctor and/or dentist at least once a year. Are you doing the same for your pet? Because cats and dogs age quicker than us, taking them to the veterinary hospital once a year is like you going once in five to seven years!

October is National Pet Wellness Month (NPWM); celebrate by committing to your furry friends’ health with annual wellness exams.

Hey Kids! Play Veterinary Alphabet Soup!

Kids, this PetsMatter game is just for you! Play Veterinary Alphabet Soup and learn all about acronyms in the veterinary world. An acronym is a group of letters that stand for something. Find out what those letters that follow your veterinarian’s name mean and lots more!

Remind Me. Please.

It’s a given that we always want to do the right things to take care of our pet’s health. The problem, of course, is remembering to do it all.

Even the most committed owner among us will sometimes forget to give monthly medications. With the “busyness” of life today, it’s also all too easy to forget that it’s time for your cat’s annual physical exam or to remember to bring the new puppy in for his last round of vaccines by 16 weeks.