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PetsMatter Newsletter Mar-Apr, 2011

PetsMatter Newsletter Mar-Apr, 2011
Expert Explores Unexplained Animal Behavior

Why do animals yawn? Why do cats eat grass? Why do they purr? And why on earth does my pet eat poop? Benjamin Hart, DVM, PhD, DACVB, and distinguished professor emeritus at the University of California – Davis, addressed some of the more inexplicable behaviors of companion animals in his talk at the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) conference this year: “Why do they do that? Purring, yawning, flipping out on catnip, and eating poop.”

Bringing a New Kitten Home

Bringing a new kitten home is exciting. Take a look at this article for information that will help you and your kitten adjust to this big change in your lives, including preparation tips, veterinary care guidelines, nutrition information and socialization ideas.

Cats Get Arthritis Too

Osteoarthritis is defined as a degenerative condition of the joints in which the normal cartilage cushion in the joint breaks down. Eventually, adjacent bones rub against each other, causing pain, decreased joint movement, and sometimes the formation of bone spurs and other changes around the joint. It is a progressive disease; however, it can be actively managed so that the course of the disease is slowed and remaining joint function is preserved. Diagnosing osteoarthritis in cats can be difficult. Your veterinarian will rely on you to tell him about changes you’ve noticed in your cat.

I Want to Be a Veterinarian When I Grow Up

Hey kids, in celebration of World Veterinary Year 2011 and the 250th anniversary of the profession, we’re including a game in each issue of PetsMatter this year that focuses on a job in the industry. Ever thought maybe someday you’d like to be a veterinarian? Click here to play this game and learn things like what a veterinarian does, what’s great about the job and what other kinds of jobs a veterinarian can do.

Does the Carpet Match My Dog? Pet-Friendly Amenities Attract Home Buyers

Christina McCarthy and her husband had a good feeling about the house. It was priced right and located in a quiet Westminster, Colo. neighborhood. When the young couple ventured into the backyard, they realized they’d found the home of their dreams.

@wrk@hme Txting is TWTG

At work or at home, texting is the way to go for appointment reminders. Times are changing and the services offered by your Pet Portal are keeping up with them. We all know the importance of following good preventive health guidelines, for ourselves, our families and our pets. That means remembering to get the checkups and tests we need each year and not forgetting to take the medicine that keeps us all in tip-top shape. How do we remember everything we need to do in this busy and on-the-move world? We need reminding.