Cats are carnivores and when they are left in the wild looking for food, there is a great chance they will eat their prey raw, leaving barely anything except the intestines if they caught a larger prey.

With that in mind, you may no longer be wondering why a raw food diet for cats exists. The most amazing thing about a raw food diet is that it offers the following benefits not only to your cat but to you as the owner as well.

Less stool volume

One of the benefits of the raw food diet is it results in lesser stool volume for your pet. This is all thanks to the fact that you are giving it the proper food and nutrition it needs. You might even be surprised that stool production can be reduced in half. Many times, your cat will eliminate bowel less often than usual too.

Reduced stool odor

Feeding your cat with other nutrients like carbohydrates will keep it struggling to digest what it has taken in. This can result in the elimination of too much waste that comes with a pungent odor. This can be a headache not only to your pet but to you as well since you will have a hard time cleaning up its stools. With a raw food diet, this problem is reduced since your feline’s stools will become dry and will hardly have a smell.

Improved digestion

When compared to dogs, cats only have one enzyme system that makes it difficult for it to digest all other types of food aside from raw meat that it is used to eat. It follows then that when you continue to serve them with raw meat, they will no longer have difficulties digesting their food.

Healthier coat

You may have noticed that a cat’s coat may vary from one to another. Some may be shedding their coats more often while others have healthier coats. When you introduce them to a raw meat diet, you will notice that in a matter of a few weeks, their coats will become silkier and softer than usual. As a result, shedding is lessened and the incidence of hairballs minimized.

More energetic

Cats fed with different types of diets other than the raw diet tend to be more lethargic. They’d rather sleep than play around, so to speak. When you feed your feline with the raw meat diet though, you will notice that they will be more active and energetic. This happens because they burn the protein they get from their diet then turn it into energy that they can use for play later.

Better dental health

Cats that are fed with raw meat are less likely to have problems with tooth loss or gum disease. This is because of the fact that raw meat keeps the teeth clean. They do not promote plaque buildup which is most likely to happen when you feed your cats with carbohydrates.

Nutrition matters a lot if you want to keep your cat healthy at all times. Of course, you have to keep in mind that visiting a veterinarian in Courtland Manor, NY for regular checkup matters too!