When you bring your dog home, you will need to teach her how to walk on a leash. It is important to realize that dogs do not automatically know that they should not lag behind or pull ahead.

Dogs move faster than humans and they get excited about being outdoors. This means that they are usually raring to go and you need to know how to restrain their natural movement or behaviors. There are also dogs that want to stop often to urinate or sniff at anything. Teaching your dog leashing manners will help to make your walks more pleasant. You need to teach your dog how to walk without tagging or pulling.

Frequent training

What you need to realize is that teaching your dog to walk well on a leash will not happen overnight. You have to be consistent and remember that your dog will constantly try to pull especially if you let him get away with it sometimes. There are different methods that you can use and no single method works for all dogs. Find out what method works for your dog and keep at it. The dogs you see on TV walking attentively alongside their handlers have gone through extensive training to get them where they are.

Training sessions

It is important to keep the training sessions short, frequent and fun. Remember that your daily walks can be training sessions. It is, however, important to remember that loose-leash training sessions tend to be slow and short and you will need to find alternative forms of exercise for your dog. Many experts recommend that you exercise or play with your dog first to tire him before the training. It will be easier to control the dog after all his excess energy has been expended.

Varying the walking pace

Make sure that you walk at a fast pace when leash training your dog. If the dog runs or trots, she will have less need to stop at any opportunity to explore something enticing. She will be less interested in trying to determine where a certain whiff is coming from which means fewer stops and more progress. It is also important to realize that a dog will naturally enjoy moving fast and when you move quickly, she will find the training much more interesting.

Rewarding your pet

It is a good idea to use rewards when teaching your dog how to leash walk. Look for plenty of desirable treats that you can use to teach your dog how to walk without pulling. Choose treats that your dog does not get during other occasions. Soft treats work perfectly because the dog can eat them fast and continue with the training. Most dogs love cheese, wieners, cheese, freeze-dried liver, cooked ham or chicken or small jerky treats. Chop the treats into bite sizes and offer them to the dog gradually.

All in all, if you want to teach your dog how to control herself when on a leash, it is important to teach her general control. Dogs tend to get very excited when it is time to go for a walk and they are likely to jump about, run, whine, spin or jump as you walk towards the door. Take some time and wait for the dog to calm down before you go out. Also, make sure that your dog has completed all her vaccinations at your Tarrytown, NY veterinary hospital before bringing her out on walks so that she can be safe around other dogs and vice versa.