Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and food. However, Thanksgiving is also a time for hidden dangers for your furry friends. Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe during the holiday season.

Letting your dog stay with teeth that are not brushed causes plaque to turn into tartar within a day and a half. Tartar build-up in the mouth of your dog leads to gum inflammation and slowly paves the way for dental infections – periodontal diseases.

Infrequent cases, most dog foods and treats will say a lot with regard to your dog’s dental health. Therefore, giving dental-cleansing treats to your dog sounds like a good idea unlike literally trying to brush its teeth. For one, you are going to have the hardest time of your life getting your dog to open its mouth to accommodate a toothbrush if you are doing for the first time. Teeth maintenance qualities of a good number of dog foods should come first when looking for the right dog meal. It is the reason why you need to understand more about dental treats so you can be in a position to know what works for your dog best because all may be good but not equally effective.

Dry kibble

Wet food causes blocking in your dog’s teeth. They are usually stickier and easily are trapped between the teeth. In that case, one of the reliable solutions is feeding your dog dry kibble. The crunch of dry kibble helps a lot to keep the teeth cleaner. Dryness is one of the qualities of dry kibble that make it suitable for clean teeth.

Gnawing technique

The aim of making your dog gnaw 30 minutes on a daily basis plays a part in scraping off plaque and bacteria from teeth. You need to find long-lasting chewing stuff for your dog in that regard. Knucklebone or rubber is one of the chewing items you may want to give your dog. Furthermore, you need to keep an eye on your dog to watch out for prolonged chewing. Sometimes dogs chew too much leaving the chewing stuff small enough to choke them.

Brushing the teeth

Over and above all, you need to brush your dog’s teeth several times a week. Although it may be hard doing it for the first time, making your dog get used to the dental cleaning habit by introducing the oral hygiene regimen slowly will make it adapt progressively. Dental treats make your work easy in keeping dogteeth clean but nothing is as effective as teeth brushing. Brushing leaves the teeth and gums healthy and control level of plaque build-up.

Make it an effort to deliberately choose what goes into your dog’s mouth. Talk to veterinarians more often if you want to maintain the dental health for your four-legged buddy. Bring your dog for a checkup at an animal hospital in Peekskill, NY and have it examined for any dental issue. Veterinarians will advise you more on the kind of dental treats that are good for your dog and recommend the best treatment for various oral issues.