Aggression In Dogs

Dogs can become aggressive and bark, growl, lunge at, and even attack other pets and people for all kinds of reasons — dominance, fear, defense of territory, pain, frustration, overly enthusiastic [...]

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7 Common Health Problems in Senior Cats

We know how important your senior feline companion can be to you. Find out some common health problems to watch for in your mature feline friend here! One of the [...]

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Grooming Your Cat

Keeping your cat's haircoat healthy is very important. Find out how you should groom your cat and how we can help! Regular brushing can help keep your cat’s skin and [...]

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5 Most Common Myths About Pet Grooming

There are many myths when it comes to pet grooming, so knowing the right way to brush and bathe your dog or cat can be a little confusing. Find out more about grooming and [...]

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Josie Before and After Grooming

Does your canine companion deserve a little pampering? A bath and fresh new haircut may be just what your furry friend needs! Keeping your canine companion clean and healthy is very important. Josie [...]

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The Rice and Fall of Diarrhea

Does your pet have an upset tummy? Find out why we recommend a homemade bland diet of rice and chicken for your furry friend! When your pet comes in for upset [...]

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Ace Before and After Grooming

Is your canine companion feeling gloomy? A bath and fresh new haircut may be just what your furry friend needs to turn their frown upside down! Bathing and grooming are really [...]

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