One of the things that make dogs look healthy is their shiny coats. The coats of healthy and happy dogs seem to radiate and glow.

Therefore, a dull looking coat will usually be associated with poor health and lack of happiness. Any experienced vet will tell you that this type of coat is a result of poor nutrition.

First, make sure you are feeding your dog well and giving him healthy foods. You should also avoid foods that may cause allergies. Some health problems can make the dog’s coat dull even if he was eating well. It is, therefore, important to see a vet in Tarrytown, NY for vaccination and treatment of other ailments. Parasites such as tapeworms can give your dog a hard time and cause a dull coat. Once you are sure that your dog is healthy and happy, here are a few ways you can make sure his coat stays shiny and glossy.

Tuna and salmon

Fish contain omega-3 that is good for the dog’s development and contribute to a healthy and shiny coat. The fish is also delicious to the dog so it will be a treat and will make him very happy.

Brush regularly

To stimulate the dog’s skin and hair follicles, brush his skin often. The stimulation of the skin and hair follicles increases the production of oils essential for the shiny and glossy feel of the coat. You should brush his coat every other day but not daily.

Bathe regularly but not too much

The frequency with which you wash your dog will highly be determined by the dog himself. The breed and the amount of dirt he accumulates may also be a significant determinant. Generally, you wash a dog once a month but if your dog gets too dirty, you might want to wash a little more often. However, you do not want to clean the dog too often that you wash off the oils that make the coat shiny. Make sure the moisturizer you use will not irritate his or her skin. You can add natural conditioners that contain vitamin E and are soothing to his skin and hair. Another idea would be to apply coconut milk on his hair sometime before the bath.

Herbal remedies

Herbal medications such as horsetail are high in silica, which the body needs for the development and maintenance of healthy skin, fur, and bones. You have to be cautious when using herbal medicine though. You should consult your vet for information on dosage and application.


Animals adapt to survive in their environments. If you leave your dog out and do not provide a shelter for him, his skin will dry and become tough so that he can survive out there. Bring him in the house and build and safe and clean shelter for him to protect him from the natural elements.

Oatmeal baths

Usually, dogs with dull coats suffer from skin conditions. For a smooth and shiny coat, give your dog an oatmeal bath. This will help soothe his skin and reduce irritation. The vitamin E in oatmeal makes it a natural softener.