If you own a pet, you know that it is important to ensure that it is kept safe at all times. Most animals are naturally curious and they will always look for an opportunity to explore their surroundings.

Many pet owners will admit that they have, at some point, spent anxious hours looking for their missing pet. While some have been successful in locating the animals, others are not so lucky. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to ensure that you keep tabs on your pet.

An ID tag

Make sure that your pet has an ID tag at all times. Most rabies tags produce a sound that may be quite annoying especially in the dead of night when your cat is chasing moths, but they come in quite handy. The current rabies tags are quite useful because vets register the numbers in a database that can be used to track you in any location. This means that if your pet is found far from home, that tag will make it easy to locate you and get the animal back home. Remember to keep the tag on especially if your pet loves the outdoors.

If you move or change your address, make sure that you update the information on your pet ID. Change your phone number and update your contact information the moment you move to a new location. Just like you remember to contact the post office about forwarding your mail to the new address, you should do the same with your pet info. Visit your vet, get your pet’s records before the move, and remember to get recommendations for a veterinarian clinic in your new location.


There is nothing wrong with having a beautiful and unique collar for your pet, but you need to know that a collar can slip off. The unique collar that you use to identify your pet may not help if your pet is on the loose without the collar. The best way to identify your pet is using a microchip. Unlike a collar, the implanted chip will not get loose and the best part is that the pet can be scanned at any vet clinic to confirm his or her identity. Talk to your vet about getting a microchip for scruffy and remember it is an easy and affordable process that will not harm your animal!

Spay/neuter your pet

Apart from doing your part to prevent the birth of unwanted animals, neutering your pet will prevent wandering off. Animals will look for a mate when they are on heat and this means that they are more likely to wander off. Spaying or neutering your pet will also help your animal to lead a happier and healthier life. Make sure that you keep your pet healthy by taking him to a veterinary hospital in Ossining, NY for regular checkups.

When you decide to get a pet, you need to understand everything you can about your new family member. Learning the animal’s habits will help you to ensure that he is safe at all times. Some animals are more active and curious than others and are more likely to wander off, so train your pet to ensure that you will not experience the case of a missing pet.