If you are a cat owner, chances are that you will be interested in making your home the perfect place for your feline buddy to live in.

To do this, there are a number of additions you should consider including in your home. Most people think that some of these are needlessly expensive, but you can minimize the cost associated with these by simply being prudent during purchasing. For instance, if you need to find a supplier to buy a scratch pole, you could compare a number of them and then pick the one who offers the best deal at the lowest possible price. Let’s find out about some of the home additions you can get:

Upgrading your flooring

If you want to get a floor that is feline-friendly, you should consider using a linoleum floor. Linoleum floors are more environmentally friendly than vinyl flooring for example, and it’s really simple to maintain. The main reason why it is recommended for homes with cats is that it features anti-microbial properties. The other type of flooring recommended is wood flooring as they are easy to maintain too. You can choose a light or medium finishing on them to ensure that the scratches from your cat’s nails will not be so visible on your wood floor.

Install a scratch pole

Cats have the tendency to scratch because this is a way for them to mark their territory. They are likely to scratch your furniture and your curtains if they can’t find an allocated area for them to do this. If you happen to have very expensive furniture or ones that are made of materials such as leather and cloth, this can turn out to be a disaster.

Buying a scratch pole for the cat can solve your problem. Some of the scratch poles are designed in such a manner that they will also file the nails of your cat, which means that they will be less likely to do damage on your flooring. In addition, the vast array of designs also makes it possible to find one that will match your home’s interior design theme.

Installing a pet door

If this is your first time owning a pet, chances are that you will not have a pet door in your house. The presence of such a door makes it easier for your cat to move in and out of the house since you are not needed to be there to keep opening and closing the door after it.

Get window screens

If you happen to live in an apartment in a high rise building, installing window screens can make the home safer for your cat. This will reduce the chances of the cat jumping out of the window and yes, don’t be mistaken, cats do that a lot!

Change the plants you are growing

If you happen to grow vegetation inside the home or in your garden, you should consider doing a review of what you grow for the safety of your feline friend. There are some plants such as Crabapples that are toxic to cats so it’s a good idea to avoid them to prevent accidental poisoning for your cat.