Dogs today are living longer, thanks to the advances in veterinary medicine. While this is great news, this also means that many pet owners have aging dogs that face different health conditions.

Several health complications affect the pets in their golden years and some of the common ones include cancer, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, arthritis, tumors, thyroid conditions, and obesity. Make sure that you review your dog’s health carefully as it ages and takes appropriate measures to ensure that your pet has the best care.

Preventative measures can help to keep away many of the health ailments affecting senior dogs. You should come up with a holistic-centered plan that includes nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and routine veterinary care. Ensuring that your dog gets good and regular vet care is essential. There are important factors to consider when coming up with a health care plan for your aging dog.

Dealing with diabetes

Diabetes can be due to a variety of causes ranging from obesity and chronic pancreatitis to chronic small bowel inflammation and hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s). Poor diet and long-term use of progesterone can also cause diabetes. It is important to avoid low quality food, especially for senior dogs. Moderate or minimal grain content is necessary and the grains should ideally be whole and unprocessed. You need to know that low-quality kibbles contain chemical preservatives that are bad for the dog’s body system.

Arthritis and joint problems

To deal with arthritis and other joint problems that come with age, it is important to come up with a good exercise program for the dog. The dog may not be up to running around but you can create an exercise routine that includes swimming and walking as these help with mobility. Using high-quality supplements can help to provide relief as can a good quality dog bed. Providing comfort will allow your pet to get much-needed rest.

Preventing obesity

It is important to investigate any sudden weight gain to rule out underlying medical problems. Have your vet examine the dog to make sure that you are not dealing with thyroid complications or other serious conditions. You can prevent or treat dog obesity through proper diet and exercise. It is important to know that diseases caused by obesity are becoming the fastest growing health problem for aging dogs.

Dog dental conditions

Regular cleaning can help to prevent dental disorders in dogs. There are different ways to keep the teeth clean and they include using recreational beef marrowbones. Talk to your veterinarian about the best solution for your senior dog, as some vets prefer to keep away from raw beef. Providing dental care for your dog will help to prevent tartar build-up. There are dog dental supplies ranging from dental wipes and durable chew toys to simple baking soda solutions.

Nutrition as a preventive measure will help to keep your dog healthy and happy. Older dogs benefit from a reduced calorie diet and high fiber. It is important to know that older dogs have different nutritional requirements than younger dogs. Talk to your vet at a Tarrytown, NY veterinary hospital about high quality, age-appropriate dog food, and make sure that you schedule regular health checkups for your pet.