Stress and anxiousness are common in cats. While it may be natural for some cats, others get stressed if exposed to specific conditions such as visits to the vet, car drives, and even the presence of new members in the family.

Surprisingly, a few herbs and flowers may be just what you need to calm your pet’s nerves. The good news is that these herbs are not only effective, they are also healthy and you do not have to dig deep into your pockets to purchase them either.


For best results, administer the herb fifteen minutes before the expected stressful event. Soon after the initial shock, the cat will calm down. Don’t get surprised if she falls asleep soon afterward. The herb is also administered to humans who have difficulties sleeping and has the same effect on cats as well. The herb induces euphoria that makes you cat more docile than you could imagine.


The key to using this herb to calm kitty is to administer it about 15 minutes before the stressful occurrence, just like valerian. Soon after, she’s done with running around the room at high speed, she will be worn out and settle down in a calm demeanor.


Chamomile tea is mostly used by people to calm their nerves and mostly before they go to bed. The same effects that the herb has on humans are also observable in dogs that have had the herb. Flowers from chamomile are however used for more desirable results. Chamomile has substances that are known to act on similar parts of the brain and nervous system and as a result, helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation in your cat.

Bach rescue remedy

The benefits of this herb when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety are something that humans are familiar with. The good news is that the flower essence can be used to achieve the same results with your cat and dogs as well. And even it’s not exactly an herb, it qualifies to be on this list and similar ones due to its immediate effectiveness in reducing stress levels. It’s a great solution when you want to calm down your cat as soon as yesterday.


The calming effect of hops is probably the main reason behind its use in a lager. This is not to say that you should give your cat a sip of the beer you have been keeping in your fridge. Dried hops flowers will calm her just fine. They are also good for the liver.

How to administer herbs to cats

Herbs come in various forms, including flowers, teas, essential oils and tinctures. Essential oils should never be administered to cats though, as this affects the functioning of the liver. The safest form of herbs to use for cats is dried herbs. Tinctures are not recommended for cats as well.

Do note that while herbs can be beneficial, not all cats display positive reactions and at times, any reaction, to the herbs. If you want the best results to reduce anxiety levels in your cat, it’s best to take her to a veterinary clinic in Briarcliff Manor, New York to get the best advice.