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International Travel with Pets

International Travel with Pets

If you plan to travel internationally with your pet, be aware that there may be special health certificates and vaccination requirements for the country you plan to visit. 

In some cases, it can take several months and multiple visits to complete this process. Information on requirements for specific destination countries can be found on the USDA website. Find more tips and information on traveling with your pet at PetTravel.com.

Hudson Veterinary Hospital is equipped to meet your pet’s international travel preparation needs. Please call usl well in advance of your departure date to make arrangements for the necessary vaccinations or health screenings.

There are veterinarians accredited to issue international travel certificates at Hudson Veterinary Hospital:

Dr. Jay H. Margolis
Dr. Adam S. Ainspan
Dr. Martin J. Tohill
Dr. Joseph D’Agnese
Dr. Susan S. Christopher
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